FIT2FITE™ Instructor courses teach participants the unique Four Step Format (4S4). This progressive system is designed to accommodate all fitness levels from novice to elite athlete. One class fits all because the system is self-regulating and offers participants clear benchmarks for self-improvement.

This Course is endorsed by:

The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sports and Physical Activity (CIMSPA)

Learning Outcomes: Bronze Level is the entry level for all participants.

Bronze level lays down the FIT2FITE™ Four Step Format (4S4) and provides the template for all other levels. The objective of the workshop is for students to understand and apply the basic principles of teaching combat/martial art orientated group exercise to music using the FIT2FITE™ 4S4.

  • Effectively demonstrate the four key components (4S4) of a FIT2FITE™ class
  • 4S4: 1. Rhythmic Punching and Blocking Kicking 3. The Fight and  4. Combinations
  • Explain the rationale behind FIT2FITE™ techniques and combinations.
  • Teach bronze level FIT2FITE™ class and provide appropriate teaching points.
  • Constructively incorporate bronze level adaptations to the FIT2FITE™ format.
  • Tailor music appropriately to the FIT2FITE™ 4S4.

Progression: The Silver and Gold levels maintain the Four Step Format but develop a deeper knowledge base to provide a resource for increased intensity, more demanding combinations and enhanced technical proficiency without compromise to safety, class fluidity and spontaneity. Progression from Bronze to Silver to Gold will take a minimum of 2 years.


  • L2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing - Exercise To Music


  • Course Details:
  • Option 1: (no previous qualifications required) Practical 1.5 days including assessment / Theory online learning + half day theory revision & exam.
  • Assessment: Course work, Practical assessment, Multiple Choice Exam.
  • Option 2: (L2/L3 qualification obtained) Practical 1.5 days including practical assessment.
  • Assessment: Course work, Practical assessment.


  • Practical - Saturday 13th July 2024


  • Price - Option 1: £350  
  • Price - Option 2: £200
  • Bank Transfer – Interest free / No charges
  • Payments can be made by Paypal, Bookwhen or BACS Transfer

All registered instructors who complete the FIT2FITE workshop receive a certificate and are awarded 8 CPD points. Their names will be added to a registrar of FIT2FITE instructors with details of where there classes are held.



'Greg Francis is a shining example of quality martial arts in the UK today; his passion, knowledge and experience is demonstrated and applied through his new FIT2FITE™ classes and his professional attitude towards his students and his art. FIT2FITE™ is on our Leisure Centre schedules and has roadblock classes every session.

This is the ultimate 60-minute combat workout in the UK today and I am so excited by it that I just qualified as a FIT2FITE™ instructor!'

Matthew Spriggs
Health & Fitness Manager, Culture and Sport, Adults & Community Services, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham